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Technology is ever evolving. At Foresight, we strive to stay on the cutting edge to enhance our efficiency.

Foresight - Pocket Survey

The Pocket Survey App is a do-it-yourself evaluation tool. It is designed to walk the user through a simple evaluation of the property’s Roof, Parking Lot, or Facade. Once the data is collected, a report is reviewed by a Foresight expert to determine the next steps.

Foresight - Pocket Survey App

Available for iPhone and iPad

Foresight - Pocket Survey App

Available for Android

Understanding the condition of your facilities is the first step in a proactive maintenance program. The ability to identify the potential cause of a risk and take action is critical. Through our in-house designed and maintained asset management program (Forescope), we develop a set of indicators to identify the weakness and a plan to remedy.

Drone Technology

Remote controlled drone quad-copter aerial device can safely reach areas that are difficult to access, eliminating the need for man-lifts or fall protection

Other Technologies

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