Foresight Services

Foresight Services shares offices with Formation Architects, an affiliated company that provides full architectural services. Formation maintains E/O insurance with licenses in several states. Their staff also maintains NCARB certification and LEED Accreditation. Foresight project designs are reviewed and sealed by Formation, which accepts professional liability for the construction documents.

Mark G Niemeyer


(618) 651-0820


Every project starts with a sound plan of action that suits the owner’s needs and is not beyond the scope of the owner’s budget. The options for design and implementation are discussed and the project scope is established.



The project’s design will direct the design effort and further development of the project. The owner-approved design will be delineated with drawings and supporting documents.


The implementation will be guided by the project scope. whether the final project is a due diligence report or a new construction, the project team will assist the owner through completion.