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We specialize in the Evaluation, Design, Management and Testing of our clients' key building components.

Foresight is a nationally recognized firm with experience and extensive knowledge of general commercial construction.  We provide independent and unbiased recommendations, technical expertise, and management for a wide variety of clients.

Areas of Expertise

Roofing Systems

Your roof is one of the key components of your building and asset to your property value. Preventative measures and repairs can extend the life of your roof and building. Issues can still occur.

Parking Facilities

Your parking facility is one of the first things that people will notice about your building.  Let the experts at Foresight help ensure that your visitors are left with a positive first impression.  We can provide you with a complete scope of services for your parking and transportation facilities.

Building Facades

A building’s Facade – walls, windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, panels and other building elements – provide structural and aesthetic components of your weatherproofing exterior.  Foresight can provide a variety of services to resolve deterioration and performance issues that can affect your building.  Whether it is new construction or an existing building, our goal is to find a solution that fits your budget and needs.

Forensic Testing

A typical building enclosure is composed of multiple components (or systems) working together to control indoor air quality, moisture prevention, and to maintain structural integrity.  Forensic Investigations provide a comprehensive building envelope analysis to determine the cause AND remedy of system failures for new construction or existing buildings.

Our Services

As an independent provider, Foresight has the flexibility to manage a large portfolio of projects that includes all facets of services required – or we can spend a few hours reviewing a project and provide only a brief recommendation. There are no standard programs here; our work is tailored to meet our client’s needs according to their level of desired services.

Foresight provides wide-ranging analysis and testing services that span all phases and types of projects, including new construction, renovation projects, existing building maintenance, remediation, and forensics. Our prices are estimated on a per-project basis and are quoted specific to your job.

Our Technology