Foresight Services

Forensic Testing Services

Evaluate current condition, analyze collected data, and provide solutions to resolve insufficiencies. Because Foresight combines technical knowledge and previous experience with specialized training, our team can provide testing during new construction or as part of a forensic investigation for existing conditions.

  • Testing during construction insures quality and performance to established standards
  • Construction forensics include building assessment, documentation and design review, and specialty testing to identify deficiencies or potential problems, quantify the issues, and provide a resolution
  • Fenestration – window, door, skylight, curtain wall or storefront testing
  • AMAA water spray testing (501.2 and 502) for fenestration products
  • ASTM testing (E283, E330, E331, E547, E779, E783, E1105, E1186, E2128, E2112, D4541, and C1153)
  • ABAA Air Barrier testing by Licensed Field Auditor
  • Roof uplift testing ASTM E907, bonded uplift, field uplift, FM 1-52
  • Air and water infiltration testing
  • Wall penetration testing, masonry drainage testing
  • Moisture testing, dew-point calculations, condensation issues, and humidity levels
  • Infrared and thermal testing
  • Preconstruction / Mock-up testing to ensure trades replicate proven assemblies
  • Follow-up testing to confirm completed repairs