Foresight Services

Design Services

Repair or replacement design to meet your aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements.

  • Complete RFP or design with scope of work, CAD drawings, and specifications
  • Ensure quality products and methods are specified through design and implemented into construction
  • Public or private bid processes
  • Code and compliance review / roof uplift / drainage and overflow / R-value / ventilation
  • Green roof design for trays, pre-grown mats, ultra-extensive, intensive and rooftop gardens, electronic field-vector mapping
  • Parking lot condition upgrades – ADA compliance design for stalls and aisles, signage and striping layout, ramps and accessible routes
  • Contractor search, qualification and coordination
  • In-house affiliated architectural firm for when signed and sealed drawings are required
  • Pre-bid meetings, minutes and addendums
  • Contractor value-engineering review to obtain most competitive pricing
  • Bid review with summary spreadsheet and recommendation for award