Your roof is one of the key components of your building and asset to your property value. Preventative measures and repairs can extend the life of your roof and building. Issues can still occur – that’s where Foresight comes in.

Our expertise is invaluable in the process of maintaining the life of your building.

  • Qualified project managers and field technicians with years of hands-on experience and technical training
  • Professional RCI member
  • Registered Roof Observers (RRO)
  • Provide analysis, recommendations, and budgets
  • Ability to review HVAC conditions
  • Assessment of Fall Protection System
  • Due Diligence and Preventative Maintenance Survey Evaluations
  • Services to fit your needs from evaluations, design/bid, project management, and testing

We are proud to provide services for all roof types, including:

  • Low slope – EPDM, TPO, built up, PVC, Modified, metal and green roofs
  • Steep slope – shingle, tile, slate and metal roofs
  • Transparent – Skylights, Polycarbonate panels, Structural Glass Roofs

Featured Projects


Foresight provided roof system for new construction LEED platinum 23,000 SF field research facility. Numerous infield design changes were made to accommodate the various features including solar panels, light sensors, solar tubes for interior lighting, observation areas, and 12″ of growth media and native prairie grass. This project was the 2010 Overall Innovation Winner of the Excellence in Design Award, given by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing.


Evaluation Services

  Evaluations from skilled, professional roofing specialists are a valuable asset and identify improvements that are necessary to increase the lifespan of your roof.

  • Detailed reports that outline existing conditions
  • 5 year budget projections
  • Current year work order items
  • Easy to read reports for project bid pricing
  • Identify potential sources of leaks and water infiltration

Design & Bid Management Services

Quality design, knowledge, and years of experience can help you make the right decision in regards to your roof system. We consider several factors in the redesign of your roof.

  • Design the best system for your building and budget
  • Value Engineering
  • Provide beginning to end services from design to bid results
  • Consider factors like life expectancy, warranty expectations, drainage requirements, and energy conservation.

Project Management Services

No matter the type of roof system installed, Foresight can oversee the process from start to finish. Our project management and contract administration services are customized to fit your needs.

  • Contract Management
  • Preconstruction services &  submittal review
  • Quality assurance through site visits and reports
  • Preconstruction and progress meetings
  • Punchlist inspections
  • Close-out documents including warranty documentation

Constructability Services

Roofing is one of the most problematic components of a building.  When you want answers to your roof concerns, you need to go to the best – Foresight. We are your trusted experts in the field.


  • New & existing construction reviews along with QA monitoring
  • Independent expert witness report, testimony, and court appearance
  • Post construction assessment & problem solving
  • Insurance claim (umpire) and arbitration

Testing Services

Foresight offers a wide range of testing services to determine the source of the issue through research and technical analysis.

  • Water testing for leak source detection (spray rigs)
  • Humidity, temperature, and moisture testing & equipment
  • Infrared scans with high-resolution thermal imagery
  • Flood testing, ACM testing, Uplift chamber testing

Our skilled technicians can detect trapped moisture and determine the source of water infiltration or heat loss. We provide you with detailed reports and find structural issues caused by improper construction, which is often the culprit for unintentional heat loss.

Safety Services

Foresight Services has identified that safety is a fundamental principle in our business and yours. From performing work to design, preconstruction meetings to punch list inspections, safety is always considered.

  • Falls account for the highest number of fatalities in the construction industry
  • Correctly installed guardrails, fall arrest systems, and guardrails can prevent such accidents
  • Understanding the fundamentals of fall protection from using Horizontal lifeline, counterweight roof anchors, or fixed roof anchor systems

Safety is always on our mind and taken seriously

  • ISNetworld registered & compliant
  • American Heart Association First Aid & CPR trained
  • Experience Modifier Rate Factor of 0.96 (2017), well below the industry average of 1.0
  • OSHA-30 & OSHA-10 Trained Safety Professionals
  • Zero Lost Time cases and Recordable incidents
  • Continue to offer safety training, education, and certifications to all Foresight employees