As an independent provider, Foresight has the flexibility to manage a large portfolio of projects that includes all facets of services required – or we can spend a few hours reviewing a project and provide only a brief recommendation. There are no standard programs here; our work is tailored to meet our client’s needs according to their level of desired services.

Foresight provides wide-ranging analysis and testing services that span all phases and types of projects, including new construction, renovation projects, existing building maintenance, remediation, and forensics. Our prices are estimated on a per-project basis and are quoted specific to your job.

Whether you have a single structure or a portfolio of buildings, let us know how we can be of “service” to you.


On-site physical inspections designed to provide a comprehensive overview of current conditions, develop maintenance procedures, and provide repair or replacement recommendations.

  • Identify and document conditions in professional report with detailed drawings and photos
  • Prioritize specific repair recommendations to prolong service life in lieu of replacement
  • Detailed budgets for future planning
  • Forensic problem solving investigations, research, and technical analysis to determine probable cause of failed building component
  • Due Diligence inspections for new building acquisitions for interior and exterior
  • In-house affiliated architectural firm can provide structural or architectural review and input
  • Independent and unbiased recommendations as owner’s representative
  • Parking lot and exterior ADA entrance evaluations
  • EIFS façade inspections by Certified inspector
  • Annual envelope surveys for proactive maintenance
  • Asset Management for multiple locations


Staying on top with new technology, continuing education and training, professional certifications, and project managers with years of general construction experience, but maintaining our common sense approach.

  • Experienced RCI Registered Roof Observers, Certified EIFS Inspectors, and ABAA Field Auditors
  • Remote controlled drone quad-copter aerial device can safely reach areas that are difficult to access, eliminating the need for man-lifts or fall protection
  • Infrared scan / thermography camera provides non-destructive evidence of trapped moisture in roof systems or leaking heat from walls and windows
  • Digital bore scope camera goes into the wall system to see problem areas and prevent destructive testing
  • Laser levels accurately identify slope of ramps
  • Moisture meters provide less destructive means of identifying wet areas
  • Humidity and temperature data devices can monitor fluctuating conditions


Repair or replacement design to meet your aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements.

  • Complete RFP or design with scope of work, CAD drawings, and specifications
  • Ensure quality products and methods are specified through design and implemented into construction
  • Public or private bid processes
  • Code and compliance review / roof uplift / drainage and overflow / R-value / ventilation
  • Green roof design for trays, pre-grown mats, ultra-extensive, intensive and rooftop gardens, electronic field-vector mapping
  • Parking lot condition upgrades – ADA compliance design for stalls and aisles, signage and striping layout, ramps and accessible routes.
  • Contractor search, qualification and coordination
  • In-house affiliated architectural firm for when signed and sealed drawings are required
  • Pre-bid meetings, minutes and addendums
  • Contractor value-engineering review to obtain most competitive pricing
  • Bid review with summary spreadsheet and recommendation for award


Experienced professionals facilitate a wide range of constructability services by combining technical training, general construction knowledge, and a common sense methodology on a variety of building envelope systems.

  • Services for architects, general contractors, roofing contractors, building owners and managers
  • Design, construction and post construction services
  • Pre-construction constructability reviews, plan and specification review, design input, material system recommendations
  • Document pre-construction conditions
  • Pre-construction meetings, shop drawing review and project start up assistance
  • Third party unbiased owner or contractor representative
  • On-site quality assurance monitoring
  • Litigation assistance and expert witness testimony
  • Insurance claim review, investigation assistance, or claim umpire


Ability to manage your project during all phases of construction, Foresight works to verify quality assurance is met and costly interruptions and delays are avoided.

  • Contract administration – project documentation, pay requests, lien waivers, warranties, certified payrolls, and project closeout
  • Pre-job meetings to ensure proper contractor coordination and owner input
  • Shop drawing and design review
  • Monitor construction process to minimize problems, delay, and cost overruns
  • Quality assurance site visits with detailed reports and photo documentation
  • Schedule vigilance with contractor required progress reports, deadlines and liquidated damages
  • Contractor change order request review and verification
  • Punch list inspections with photo documentation and completion follow up


Evaluate current condition, analyze collected data, and provide solutions to resolve insufficiencies. Because Foresight combines technical knowledge and previous experience with specialized training, our team can provide testing during new construction or as part of a forensic investigation for existing conditions.

  • Testing during construction insures quality and performance to established standards.
  • Construction forensics include building assessment, documentation and design review, and specialty testing to identify deficiencies or potential problems, quantify the issues, and provide a resolution.
  • Fenestration – window, door, skylight, curtain wall or storefront testing
  • AMAA water spray testing (501.2 and 502) for fenestration products
  • ASTM testing (E283, E330, E331, E547, E779, E783, E1105, E1186, E2128, E2112, D4541, and C1153)
  • ABAA Air Barrier testing by Licensed Field Auditor
  • Roof uplift testing ASTM E907, bonded uplift, field uplift, FM 1-52
  • Air and water infiltration testing
  • Wall penetration testing, masonry drainage testing
  • Moisture testing, dew-point calculations, condensation issues, and humidity levels
  • Infrared and thermal testing
  • Preconstruction / Mock-up testing to ensure trades replicate proven assemblies
  • Follow-up testing to confirm completed repairs