Foresight offers selective service agreements that are customized for each job, to provide only those services needed – there are no prepackaged “deals”.  Clients don’t pay for anything other than the time and expenses that we incur on their job.  We can offer the most cost effective services because each project is quoted individually, to address only those issues requested.

Many product suppliers and contractors offer certain services at “no-charge”, but those costs are always incorporated into material or labor pricing at some point - potentially on the project they recommended that wasn’t entirely necessary.  With Foresight you’ll get the independent and objective assistance that’s always in your best interest.

Because construction projects don’t always go as planned on every project, we monitor them during weekly production meetings, where the display of all open work orders is tracked and updated by Project Managers.  Conference calls and video conferencing makes communication between offices, on-site project managers, and office support staff easier.

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