Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that are roof mounted can present unique challenges when maintenance or replacement of either system is required.  Foresight understands the importance that this equipment plays in the comfort and productivity of the building tenants, but also the effect on operating costs and building performance.  All these factors play a vital role in the value of your property.

Rooftop equipment must be mounted, terminated, and flashed correctly to avoid water infiltration into the roof system.  Foresight inspects rooftop projects during the construction process to insure all installation procedures are followed properly.

Today’s equipment utilizes complex system automation for energy management, and can provide substantial reductions in operating costs if designed and maintained properly.  A simple system inventory can detail your equipment status, operating efficiency, energy consumption, and life cycle cost.  Recommendations to optimize building performance, with budget estimates, will always be in your interest.

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