A commercial building roof is one of the key components and an asset to the property value.  There are currently over 300 roofing systems on the market today; Foresight’s expertise can be invaluable in the process of maintaining this asset.  Our staff of RCI members, Registered Roof Observers, and Project Managers will make recommendations that are unbiased, independent, and always in your best interest.

More claims are filed each year on roofing systems that all other building components, as roof installations remain vulnerable to poor design, installation, and deferred maintenance.  Many single ply roofs rely on perfectly installed seams and flashings; and improper installations are much more common than material failures.  Foresight inspects roofing projects during the construction process to insure all components are properly installed.

A roof design by Foresight would balance installation and life-cycle costs, consider the building use and landmark status, and your financial objectives.  Life expectancy, warranty expectations, local and state codes, drainage requirements, foot traffic for rooftop equipment maintenance, insulation improvements, and numerous other factors are taken into consideration during a re-roofing design.

Energy conservation can be accomplished during a re-roofing project in numerous ways; added insulation, light colored membranes, and improved ventilation all bring energy and cost savings over the long term.  If you are thinking of going green, we can show you the benefits of a green roof system; improved air quality, reducing urban heat island effect and storm water runoff, improved insulation and cooling, obtaining LEED accrediting, and improving the local habitat. See National Great Rivers award winning project...

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