Foresight Services offers project management services for re-roofing, paving / parking lot renovations, rooftop HVAC upgrades, and building façade repairs.  Project management by an independent industry professional at Foresight would:

  • Insure the quoted system is being installed with proper materials and workmanship
  • Insure the proper performance of the system
  • Provide project completion to budget, schedule and your expectations
  • Avoid problems and delays common to most projects
  • Insure compliance to property protection guidelines during construction
  • Minimize interruptions to your business, and provide a single source for communication

Foresight Project Managers oversee the construction process from start to finish, including these services:

  • Conduct pre-job meeting on site or via phone, and issue meeting minutes.
  • Prepare contract documents and obtain insurance certificates, bonds, W-9 forms, etc
  • Provide a project manual with signed and sealed construction documents for permits and as-built records
  • Perform contract administration; review and recommend pay requests and change orders.
  • Perform job site visits and prepare reports with color photos documenting materials, processes, and workmanship.
  • Coordinate asbestos abatement procedures with the contractor.
  • Monitor work status from contact with the installer and reviewing daily job site reports, and provide email updates.
  • Punch list inspection and report, and follow up verification that items were completed satisfactorily.
  • Compile project close out documents; warranties, lien waivers, retainage applications, waste manifests, etc.

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