Resolving failed building components can consume your valuable time and energy, or extend beyond your capabilities and expertise.  Foresight Project Managers can act as an independent third party technical expert to perform on-site investigations, obtain and sort through evidence, come to a determination on the cause of the failure, and work with the supplier, manufacturer, designer, or installer to resolve the issue.  With diligent research and using our “common sense” approach to water infiltration issues, we have taken on many challenging projects and have resolved the problem where others have failed.
Forensic investigation techniques are used to determine the cause AND remedy to water infiltration issues in new construction or existing buildings.  Some methods include destructive testing practices, but others are non-evasive.  Water testing during a controlled investigation simulates wind and rain conditions and can help to pinpoint the source of a leak.  Infrared scans detect thermal anomalies that indicate the presence of moisture in roofs and the building envelope.  Digital bore scopes provide images of interior walls and other hard to see areas with minimally destructive techniques.  And data loggers monitor and document temperature and relative humidity  in real time environments. 

Sample Reports

Professional reports can be a valuable tool in providing documentation; outlining the existing conditions with color photos, document research, technical analysis, test results, and independent lab analysis.  CAD drawings can be developed to illustrate the defect and to provide detailed repair recommendations.  Budget estimates can provide a fair assessment of the repair or replacement cost.
Experience in the construction industry and years of hands-on project management give us the background and expertise needed to perform an impartial analysis of conditions and construction methods, material performance, and probable cause determination.  Qualifications of our Project Managers include a Certified EIFS Inspector, Certified Professional Constructor, and Registered Roof Observer.  Architectural and engineering support is provided by Formation Architects, our affiliated in-house architectural firm.  Numerous insurance companies and individuals have relied on Foresight to research and make determinations that have been successfully defended in litigation.  Whatever your water infiltration issues, or problem is – let Foresight solve it for you!

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