Parking facilities welcome clients and employees to your place of business.  They not only service and facilitate the transit of people and goods to your place of business; they project an image about how well you take care of business.  Don’t neglect the importance of first impressions.

Regular maintenance is imperative in the preservation of this important asset, but without proper design and installation, a well maintained lot will still fail prematurely.  Foresight inspects parking lot projects before, during, and after the construction process to insure all procedures are followed properly.

A parking lot design by Foresight would balance installation and life cycle costs, consider the building use and vehicular traffic load, along with your financial objectives.  Life expectancy, local and state codes, drainage requirements, ADA guidelines, and numerous other factors are taken into consideration during a parking lot design.  Soil analysis can be performed by means of Shelby tube sampling to determine sub-base conditions, to design a paving renovation that will avoid future failures.

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