Lodging Hospitality Management

Balke Brown & Associates

Westport Plaza Hotel and Retail Center
Double Tree, Westport Sheraton, Westport Sheraton Chalet, Retail Center
St. Louis, MO
Completion Date:

In February a due diligence evaluation was conducted on the roof systems of 9 large retail buildings (267,000+ sq'). The report contained AutoCAD drawings of each roof section, photos documenting existing conditions, repair recommendations with budget estimates, and general comments.

In May a storm damage evaluation was completed on the roof systems of 3 large hotels - Double Tree Westport, Sheraton Westport and Sheraton Chalet (93,500+ sq'). A recent hail storm had damaged some of the landmark buildings' roofs and to document the extent of the damage a report with photos was prepared, showing damaged areas and included repair recommendations. Separately, a moisture test performed on 2 of the hotels to determine if water had penetrated the roof systems. Reports contained an AutoCAD drawing identifying test locations and test results.