The decision process when purchasing, selling, leasing or managing commercial property can be easier when you have reliable information on the investment.  Reduce the potential for large unplanned expenses and the risk you assume by identifying potential issues up front with a Due Diligence Evaluation by Foresight.  Uncover and quantify your risk, and gain peace of mind knowing where the property stands in terms of the condition of components and anticipated repairs, upgrades and replacements.

An objective review by an independent company without a financial interest in the building can provide you with unbiased information and assessment.  Foresight Project Managers can perform a comprehensive inspection that will identify problem areas, assess and report the condition of the building structural systems; identify the remainder of serviceable life expectancies and needs for maintenance, upgrade, repair or replacement.

A professional Due Diligence report will contain color photos documenting conditions, CAD drawings of the building components, and budget estimates for planned maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and replacements for immediate or long range planning.  Review of the structure by a licensed architect or structural engineer can be provided by Formation Architects, our affiliated architectural firm.

Sample Due Diligence Photos
Sample Due Diligence CAD Drawings
Sample Due Diligence Conclusion

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