Foresight Services offers One Source services for retrofit roofing projects that provides a complete product under one contract.  A project team would be assembled that includes a design by an independent industry professional at Foresight, an experienced roofing contractor, and a quality material supplier.  All members contribute to the project outcome by providing their specific expertise, working in tandem to obtain the best result and at the most cost effective price.  The One Source concept offers many benefits:

  • Provides a single source point of contact under one contract.
  • Reduces time spent by all parties, including the time consuming competitive bid process, allowing comparable cost savings.
  • Reduces the building owner’s liability for design issues and code requirements, by providing signed and sealed construction drawings.
  • Allows for up-front value engineering by all parties, resulting in the most cost effective solution.
  • Extends the service life of roofs through planned inspections and maintenance programs.

Foresight Project Managers oversee the One Source process from start to finish, including these services:

  • Determine an accurate budget for the scope of work to be performed.
  • Select qualified contractors for the material and system selected.
  • Set up contract documents and obtain approvals.
  • Develop preliminary design and specifications, and obtain value engineering input from contractor and material manufacturer.
  • Review with owner to finalize project design and schedule.
  • Monitor the construction process and provide status reports.
  • Provide project documents; signed and sealed construction drawings, warranties, punch list confirmation, and certificates.
  • Implement the follow up inspection and reporting program.
  • Determine maintenance requirements.

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