A building’s Façade – walls, windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, panels and other building elements – provide structural and aesthetic components of your weatherproofing exterior. Foresight can provide a variety of services to resolve deterioration and performance issues that can affect your building. Whether it is new construction or an existing building, our goal is to find a solution that fits your budget and needs.

New Construction

Architects, Developers, and General Contractors Foresight can provide coordination of roof and building envelope systems to ensure your design adequately addresses moisture prevention measures for the sequencing, handling, and installation during construction.

Existing Buildings

Property Owners, Property Managers, and Contractors Facade services can help you evaluate, quantify, solve and include surveys designed to assess the overall condition of the building for maintenance issues, renovation planning, due diligence evaluations, forensic problem solving, water infiltration testing, and heat loss determination.

From leaks to heat loss, hiring Foresight as your Facade specialist will provide you the knowledge to make an informed decision regarding your building performance.

Evaluation Services

An inspection by Foresight will take the entire building waterproofing system into consideration to find the point of infiltration. We will determine problems, needs, and give you repair options to correct those issues. Detailed reports outline existing conditions with 5-year budget estimate for repairs. Reports can be utilized to create maintenance schedules and plan for future expenses.

Design & Bid Management Services

Foresight can provide design, specifications, and drawings for your repair projects.

  • Financial objectives and warranty objectives taken into consideration
  • Best system for building and budget
  • Complete bid package with bid analysis with recommendation for award

Project Management Services

Foresight Project Managers have extensive backgrounds in general construction and technology, and  bring a high level of expertise to your project.

  • Oversee the construction process from start to finish.
  • Contract administration
  • Quality Assurance through site visits and reports
  • Insure the proper performance of the system and installation
  • Project close out documents.

Constructability Services

As independent assessment specialists, we offer our expertise and services to architects, owners, and contractors. Our unique blend of services enables us to provide value from the design stage to implementation process, and strive to achieve successful and cost effective solutions.

  • New construction – design input, material and drawing review
  • Quality Assurance monitoring during construction
  • Owner representative & third party observations
  • Post Construction inspections and problem solving

Forensic Services

Special inspections and testing by certified professionals identify building deficiencies through various methods of forensics and testing.

  • Determine the source of water infiltration around openings
  • Detect areas where heat is escaping around doors, walls, and windows
  • Find structural issues caused by improper construction that allow heat loss or water infiltration
  • EIFS Inspectors, Registered Roof Observers (RRO), Licensed ABAA Field Auditor, Associate Constructor (AC)


Your structure may contain some hard-to-reach or unsafe locations that make it difficult for us to inspect. Our remote-controlled drones are equipped with high-powered cameras and video, which help us evaluate storm damage, snow loads, and other unique locations more easily. Drones allow us to gather more information with less risk and at a lower cost to you.