ADA Compliance Audit

Balke Brown & Associates

Shopping / Retail Center - ADA parking lot compliance audits
77 locations in 4 mid-Atlantic states (VA, MD, DE, NJ and PA)
Completion Date:
December 2012

Our client requested that an ADA compliance audit be performed to establish the status of their retail parking lots, totaling over 61,500 parking stalls.

Department of Justice 2010 ADA standard guidelines were used, taking into account any medical facility within the center. Verification made was:

• The number, size and placement of accessible stalls
• The placement, size, and marking of aisles
• The height and type of signage at each stall
• The placement, size and slope of accessible routes
• The placement, size and slope of curb ramps

A formal report was provided with an overall site plan showing compliance status (red = non-compliant and green = compliant), and individual photos documenting audited components.